And we live on

Yes, yes, suicide is bad. It’s the most horrible thing on earth after Hitler. You know what’s not horrible? I don’t know either.
What’s good about this life? What’s not horrible about it? Oh, this routine, pretentious world. You folks never get enough of it, do you? All the injustice, wickedness, and stupidity in this world, but you still love it, don’t you? You still live on. And while all the spiteful people conspire around you and all the nincompoops act out their tomfoolery everywhere, you still live on. While you’re refused of love by the very ones you want to be with, you live on.
Coz suicide is the one thing too taboo even to talk about, you live on.

9 responses on “And we live on

  1. Rangitha Kuruppu

    I think Freud said something like; the human mind has a tendency to overlook negative feelings and memories and that humans are inherently optimistic. I guess that’s what keeps us wanting to live more, rather than taking the short way out.

  2. Adnan Issadeen

    That’s gotta be the most stupid theory I’ve heard. Live your own life. If those are reasons for suicide then all that means is your life is subjugated to others in this world. Let the others be evil. It’s the life you choose to live that you take pleasure out of. It’s not suicide being taboo that is the point. Suicide is called the easy way out because instead of taking a little time to realise how good we’ve got it people instead choose to say you know what. I can’t be bothered so let’s just cut to the chase and die already. That’s being weak. Life is good. The life you choose to live at least. If you want perfect. You just got to work harder for it. Why? Because just like we don’t appreciate the good we’ve already got that we take for granted we wouldn’t appreciate perfect either if it was the default for us. But do remember work harder doesn’t mean longer hours of money earning to give better retirement or anything. That’s the lie of the world. It’s like getting a full glass of fruit juice from an orange. You just got to appreciative things better. The last bit is something for you to think about. Might help

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