Is this life worth living?

I don’t see any reason why I should live, except for the fact that my family needs me. Let’s forget the family for a moment. What is the use of myself to this world? Atheism aside, why on earth did god create a thameera? Every human being is an unnecessary, dispensable burden for this world. Okay, not everyone, but most of them.

I haven’t lately been successful at anything. And as all other human beings, I’m constantly using resources the earth has to offer. Let’s put it ‘wasting’ resources, coz they aren’t being put into anything productive at all.

So where do all these lead to?

Is this life worth living? I’m still looking for an answer.

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    1. Amila

      I think u have to live not because ur family needs or something…first and foremost u need to like your self.If ur sense of self just is just up to the time u perform well and if u gonna give up ur self this easily as u “haven’t lately been successful at anything” then buddy u ave no idea about how lucky u are to have a life like this.

      success is one thing but happiness is complete another thing. U need more happiness and variety to ur life than just pursuing the damn success. It seems u are so worried about the utilization of the resources of earth and it sounds almost like a saint :)

      Everybody comes to this world for a reason. It takes time for u and me to realize what role u have to play. I think if this continues ur role may be to be another philosopher like “eckhart tolle”. So that is where to all these things lead to.

      if i saw this some one else is saying… i would have said “ane yako get a life” but when Thameera says this I thought of sharing more thoughts as i still believe ur living or existence is for a greater purpose rather than to sing self sabotage thoughts :D

      Don’t quit so easily :) I personally prefer if u have a strong internal reason for ur existence rather than that of defining everything using the external parameters like “who needs u”,”ur utilization of resources” and etc. thought of finishing my sermon(:P) with a line that i always follow “Have fun money will come” by Branson

      1. thameera

        Woah, that’s a looong comment!
        But yes, I guess I get your point. One should love himself. The problem is I haven’t yet found a reason to. Let’s just hope that ‘strong internal reason’ will dawn on me soon. :D

  1. Madushanka

    It would be rather tough to do an objective cost-benefit analysis on life, to determine if it’s worth it, eh.

    But, if the answer is no, can’t we still change the course of life?

  2. Gayan

    Hi thameera!,

    In my humble opinion Malli (ya saw your “about me” page which is awesome BTW :D)….

    Stop asking questions and wanting other to believe your definition of life…

    Let go of the “need” too “know”… Greed, is the epicenter of life…

    It creates fluctuations, when followed for a long time, you won’t even remember why you got there in the first place… it’s weird…

    Instead, let go of the fear that always drifts you toward things that are “born”…

    Doubts and arguments arise in a mind that seeks not the truth but opinions in which you can “become”…

    They give birth to feelings of superiority over others which makes you feel “safe”, but they won’t last…

    Let go a little more and abide the beauty of silence, that has always been there, unnoticed :)…

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