On being angry

I’ve been angry a lot lately. Angry with myself and others. Several of my previous blog posts deal with how stupid some things are. Most of them were written on impulse, just as a way of letting out the fire.

I open up Facebook and see how lame most of the status updates are. Then the stuff some people do on Facebook and Twitter. And in real life. There are loads of things there to get angry about. Lame and stupid things people do. Lots of reasons to get angry with your parents, your friends, everyone around. I nearly lost a few friends.

I am angry at myself for being what I am. I even cut myself using a blade several times. I cannot forgive myself for the things I’ve done. I’ve acted lame and stupid. There’s no turning back. The scars remain.

Perhaps anger is something I will have to accept and live with. There’s nobody to heal the wounds. There’s nobody to talk to. Several people I trusted previously and talked these stuff with turned out to be less trustworthy or useless.

False pretense is something I will have to learn. To pretend that I’m fine. Coz there’s no other way.

8 responses on “On being angry

  1. chanux

    Oh shit dude!

    I thought your tweets are just for fun and never thought it’s this serious. I suggest you to talk to someone. You might feel like there’s no one to listen but trust me you can find one.

    About people being stupid, you are not wrong here. People really are acting stupid. It’s not that we are descendants of Einstein, perhaps people these days are overly dumbtatstic. It’s hard to live with such nut jobs but apparently it’s just a part of life.

    Hope you will figure out a way out of this. Things will be ok. I don’t believe in wishes so I want you to take action :).

  2. Replier

    Wow Thameera Aiya I used to respect you a lot (still do). What the hell is happening? You’ve achieved so much in life, you do realize that don’t you?

    Anyway, may be that’s completely off the point, but do take action before it gets worse.

    Wishing you well. Take Care.

    From a Random Malli you’ve just seen at Uni but haven’t talked to.

  3. Chavie

    Dude, I thought the blade updates were you just messing around too… :|

    And as for people to talk to, there are plenty. Sometimes talking to a complete stranger might help, because they’re completely detached and can look at everything objectively. I hope you find help. Like Replier said, you’ve achieved so much in life (way more than many of us could ever hope to) and it would be just terrible to let all of that go to waste. :(

  4. Ranjith

    I know what you mean… cos most times I feel the same way. Not only anger, a legion of other emotions too…
    The problem here is you are intelligent. With intelligence comes emotional sensitivity. You have learned what to do with your intelligence through education, but you don’t know what to do with your emotions. Have you heard about something called Emotional Intelligence or EIQ…? Read a litle about it, it is a very fascinating subject. You can talk to me whenever you feel like, will be glad to help you to cope up with life…

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