On being lazy

It’s 30th of July and this is only my third post for the month. I’ve been writing less lately. What’s more, I’ve been sleeping more and working less too. So being the positive thinker I am, I head to google and search for advantages of sleeping more. To my disappointment, all the articles the internet has are about the benefits of having a good night’s sleep. Nothing about day dreaming.

Did I say day-dreaming? I’ve been seeing a lot of dreams too. My dreams have become more and more complex and profound over the years. Not easy to understand the ones I see these days. Philosophical stuff. My subconscious is too advanced for me.

On a side note, I saw a page about the benefits of women sleeping naked in the search results. I didn’t click on it of course, but do women really do that? Not that I care.

4 responses on “On being lazy

  1. Tulie

    My, the highly philosophical questions you come up with!

    “Do women really sleep naked?” :P

    Keep pondering – who knows, you might one day get a Eureka moment just kike Archimedes :P

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