On suicide

suicide slit wristSuicide is one of the noblest ways to put an end to your life. Some people tend to label suicide as cowardice, but they themselves are the real cowards. It is not very easy to make the mind to attempt suicide, even more difficult is the act itself. It takes a real person to successfully carry out suicide. That however varies with the adopted method.

It should be stressed that most people who commit or try to commit suicide really don’t want to kill themselves. All they need is some love, affection or understanding. Suicide comes as the only option when the world doesn’t understand this. Some people don’t really understand how difficult it is to live with extreme emotional pain. The standard way of dealing with such a person is giving the ECT treatment, but it isn’t as effective as people think. No medical procedure has yet been invented to cure severe depression. ECT can however divert the thoughts of suicide and minimize the suicide risk. But actually it’s missing the point: it doesn’t really give what the person wants.

Just my two cents.

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  1. Chavie

    There was some promising research on magnetism and how it affects the brain, but yeah, I know what you mean about people not understanding. :(

  2. chathuraw

    People who commit suicide are selfish pricks. Maybe they feel like nobody cares about them. But it’s incredibly painful to the people that actually do, even if they don’t realize it. You might want to think about that before you go calling committing suicide a “noble” act.

    Also, you’re a fucking moron.

  3. Manoj (@mjmmanoj)

    Even though I can’t exclude myself 100% from suicidal tendencies , I strongly disagree with your post.I think should understand as long as you are HEALTHY ,extreme emotional pain or whatever the reason behind a suicide is only a brief moment in your life which will have no major impact when you look back after a certain period of time.
    In fact people under hypnosis they themselves say how idiotic they felt after a suicide.So whats the point if there is no way to get even the slightest “relief” from the “pain” you are referring above.And further in past life regression studies, it is stated that “To commit suicide to escape a problem just amplifies that problem that one will have to live through again.often in multiple lifetimes until that person learn to be brave enough to face the problem or to learn to get around that problem or simply learn how to live with that problem”

  4. tharindu eroshan

    pain with time and physical pain what is the hard work ?
    if i can take the time “pain physically” it is easy to me,but hard to bear for people who love me…
    if i should live for them and keep “pain with time”?
    tell me what is the difficult point to follow….?

  5. Lakshitha Chathuranga

    I only want to make one point to you.

    You must first decide what you want from life. If it is to commit suicide, then be it! But I hope it is not.
    If it is love, care and affection that you want, speak about it, think about it, admire it. Speak about the warmth and joy of being loved, even if you are not at the receiving end. Just try and understand the bad recursive cycle that goes within you and get rid of it.

    I am no person to tell these things to you TP ayye. You are a legend and do believe it. There are lots of people who are looking forward for you to do well in whatever the things you do. Just admit it and act accordingly. I’m really serious about this. Do not take this as an ordinary comment. Take whatever the good things that you can get from this.

    And for the person who said “you are a fucking moron” – You can not get back what you say!!!

    1. thameera

      Thanks a lot for the comment, Lakshitha. I may not be matured enough to understand these things, but I get your point, I have to get out of this recursive cycle. Hope the things will turn out to be better.

      1. Lakshitha Chathuranga

        That is exactly what I’m talking about. Do not say that “I may not be matured enough to understand these things” kind of crap. Even if you are not in such a mindset, artificially think that you are…!!! The moment you think by heart that you are in the mood of your life, then you are in that mood… People have gone on to make history and have done great things even after they have retired from their jobs. You have everything to be the person that you want to be…!!! Things will, and they should get better…!!! In fact, they are…!!! :)

  6. Whacko

    i suppose it all ties into your worldview. What your incentives are to live and what you think is the purpose of your existence. Sort that out, and then you’re on firmer footing IMO

  7. damayantichatterjee

    Exactly! An these people saying that suicide rates are rising because the Internet provides more information on how to do it; they think you stop that stuff being published, you stop suicide! All you do fi you do that is stop the act but make the person feel even more worthless and helpless because on top of all they’re dealing with, everyone’s taking away the way to relieve their pain!

  8. India

    Is this a joke? Noblest way of ending your life?!

    Think about your family, your friends – how selfish are you

    If you hate yourself so much- lose weight, get a job, go out more, smile at people

    There is NO reason why someone should kill themselves, I’ve had 3 friends in one year commit suicide

    THREE friends I loved- gone
    They didn’t have the balls to leave a note or talk about it- noble?! Cowards and so selfish

    To anyone thinking about suicide, please stop and think of your family and who you’ll leave behind which a you shaped gap missing


  9. Sami

    Before anyone takes their own life, they should meet people who are really ill, I mean terminally ill, and ask them what they would do if they were given another chance at life, what things would be most important to them. They should also seek help, and ask any and every relative and friend to help them and seek help for them.

  10. Anaala

    I’m terminally ill. I have MS. And the thing about it is when you lie every day in extreme pain knowning exactly what will happen to you. That you will become nothing more than a immobile piece of meat until the day your family either runs out of money to keep your shell alive or the ivf no longer has the ability to sustain you since your body has already canibalized all the muscle and tissue that you’ve got and has now started to work on your organs.

    Then you want to die. I do not understand the need to label sucidal people as brave or cowardly at the end of the day you make the best decision for you and to a lesser extent those around you.

    Happiness is a selfish thing. Maybe you need to lie the live of someone who wishes to end it to understand the why of it. But quite frankly, its really no one elses business now is it? Selfish to the people in thier lives? Then why did those people not notice something was wrong before it got so far? The chances are the reason most people may want to die has a lot to do with those people around them. Usually the truth of the matter is that some people just create a truly toxic enviroment for others. And after the one who wishes sucide has exhausted all other avenues of relief do they end themselves.

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