Please don’t slit your wrists!

Please, please don’t! You never know how painful the first cut can be! And do you even know how to do it properly?

Even I don’t know! In my career as a suicide counsellor I have found none who knows how to properly perform a deadly cut, let alone slitting wrists. People are overconfident folks, they think they know stuff until they find out that they actually don’t. And just imagine yourself learning it the hardway: failed suicide attempt!

You’ve read novels and watched movies; so tell me how many failed slit-wrist attempts you’ve come across. And on the other hand, how many failed hang-by-rope incidents have you heard of? None, right? Hanging yourself might be old school, but it’s one of the most precise and respected methods to put an end to your frikkin life.

And I’m not asking you to hang yourself. Just don’t freaking slit your freaking wrists! Period.

8 responses on “Please don’t slit your wrists!

  1. Suresh

    Simple you just tie a cord around both your upper arms, wait for the veins to stand out, and then cut vertically not horizontally. make 2 or 3 cuts and then release the cords around you arms… :)

  2. Chavie

    Apparently there was a Discovery documentary about hanging. It’s the jerk that’s supposed to kill you, not the strangulation. But of course when you do it at home you won’t get that jerk, and you’ll suffocate to death. :|

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