Suicide of bankrupt farmers

Increasing number of incidents has been reported in the Telangana region in India of farmers committing suicide due to bad harvests. Huge debts lead these farmers into bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is one of the best moments you’re presented with the option of committing suicide. You have no more money to survive, you’re better as dead.
However for the families of those farmers, the future is grim. Collective suicide by all the family members is something not practised in these times. This results in families with one or two members missing. Not that preventing the suicide would have made the situations better.
The best solution will be to provide those families with huge relief packages. This is not the perfect solution but is better than continuing to live and making matters worse. The potential of properly planned suicide to better living conditions should never be underrated.

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  1. Whacko

    aren’t farmers already given large subsidies for fertilizer? I think there is a big problem due to intermediaries in the system. A big chunk of the final retail price probably goes to retailers and wholesalers. Probably price ceilings affect the problem also, since governments will not want the price of essentials go to above a certain limit.

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