To the girl who was staring at me today

So it was you who stared at me from the kandy train today at the Fort railway station?

Yeah, I’m that boy who was wearing earphones and looked like an alien. I was standing in the platform while you were continuously staring at me from the train. You certainly couldn’t forget that, right?

Well, yeah, what I wanted to say is that you were really beautiful and looked like that certain actress in TV whose name I cannot remember. She was the girl in that ad “Thei hadanawa, thei bedanawa rosa … rosa.. “. Yeah, that girl. Though you may not have noticed I was looking at you all the time too!

Soooo, I guess you take that train often and I’ll be there next week same time same place. And if you’re on that train don’t forget to sit in the same side as today.

Kthxbai! :)

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