What is life?

“Life is what you have before you commit suicide.”
– A sage

Life is hard. I think you already knew that. Coz that’s the way everybody’s life is. Each and every day is another hurdle you have to conquer. That’s not easy.
So why not put an end to this life? Won’t that solve all the problems? Actually no. Suicide isn’t easy as you think. You have your family members and even friends who will miss you if you die. You just can’t forget them and say bye to the life.
So the moral is that you have to cope up with everything and go on with the life. Despite all its troubles. When I go through such pains I remember the old adage that every dog has his day.
Wait.. what? Did I just call myself a dog?

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  1. Chavie

    “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” :)

    You’ve got a long and prosperous life ahead of you, mate. And more people who care about you than you think. :) Hang in there.

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