Wishing others on birthdays in facebook

I usually don’t wish others on their birthdays in Facebook. Normally a birthday wish is meant to show that you’ve remembered his/her birthday because him/her is special to you. But in Facebook you get a notification on who have the birthdays each day. Which renders such a wish useless.
If you really want your wish to stand out, be the first person to wish. (Even being the last will do). This may not be an easy thing to do. Especially being the first to wish is the hardest. Or you can send him/her a private message as a wish instead of writing on his/her wall.

What have I written? Okay, I should publish this.

Tabs in Vim

tabs in vimSince its 7th version, Vim has tabs functionality. You can open multiple files in tabs and do lots of wonderful things with them. To open multiple files from the console, just type:

vim -p filename1 filename2 …

Or if you’re already inside Vim, give the command,

:tabnew filename

to open a file in a new tab. You can traverse the tabs with the combinations gt and gT. To close a tab just use the exit command (:q).

There is a wide range of cool stuff you can do with tabs. To learn more, just type

:help tabs

in Vim or head to this page.

See you, bye!