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Backup all your stupid tweets with ifttt

Update : Twitter’s bullshit policy changes has made IFTTT to remove all its Twitter triggers. So the following works no more. ­čÖü

IFTTT‘s one of the most powerful tools in the interwebs and it keeps getting better by the day. (Take a look here if you’ve no idea what ifttt is). A few days back the site got a complete overhaul in the interface.

Two new channels to automate WeMo devices have been added. It’s a set of magic tools that lets you control home electronic devices.┬áThis opens a world of ridiculously awesome possibilities. We can only hope these stuff will be available soon in this part of the world.┬áKudos to┬ádrac┬áfor pointing out. ­čśŤ

Yes, this is really possible.

Some really cool ingredients have been added as well. For example, now you can _append_ stuff to a note in Evernote or a text file in Dropbox. I was considering backing up all my tweets in Evernote earlier but what kept me away was the fact that ifttt would create 1000 notes for 1000 tweets. But not anymore.

Here’s a recipe to backup all the stupid stuff you tweet. It will create a note titled ‘Tweet Log’ and append all your tweets to that note. This includes all your replies and retweets, but you can opt them out. Feel free to re-use it or create your own.

The resulting note will look like the following:


  • This will log only the tweets you post after activating this recipe.
  • If you’re tweet in high frequency and the note gets bulky after some time, just edit the recipe and give a new name, like ‘Tweet log #2’.

If you don’t use Evernote, you can do the same with a text file in Dropbox. Use the same trigger and choose ‘Append to a text file’ action under Dropbox.

And if you’ve created or come across any cool recipes, please do share! ­čÖé

P.S. The same method can be used to log your facebook posts, etc.

P.P.S. Yes, you can log the tweets of your twitter-crush as well. ­čśŤ

Removing Dropbox from the machine

Last day at the office. I was busy cleaning my personal stuff from the office computer: saved passwords, active logins, browser history, what not.
Then came the problem, how do I remove Dropbox? I googled ‘how to clean up Dropbox from a computer’ but didn’t come up with any results. It took about an hour to until it dawned on me that simply uninstalling Dropbox would solve the issue.

Btw, I’m posting this especially to test posting via email. ­čśë

IMPORTANT: You have to remove the already synced files in your Dropbox folder, as I found out from the comments.