Stupid blog gadgets

There seem to be many bloggers out there who think that the more gadgets they have in their blog sidebars the better. There are those blogs filled with dozens of bright and colorful banners and gadgets that it’s quite hard to focus on the actual blog content.

MP3 players are one of the lamest of these. They suck your bandwidth and can become a reason not to visit that blog again. To make the matters worse, the pause buttons of some of these players can’t be found no matter how hard you try. :/

And why would anyone put up a Clock gadget on their blog? Seriously!

And then there are those long FB fan page gadgets filled with lots of faces.

Even a big visitors count banner isn’t necessary. Okay, I have a small one in mine as well, but come to think of it, what would anyone gain from that except for some ego boost to the blogger himself?

A dictionary bookmarklet (or a search bookmarklet for that matter)

So I was bored and wanted to test some of my javascript knowledge, I wrote a simple bookmarklet for searching dictionary definitions and felt like sharing. I’m a javascript noob, so it’s dead simple and is one of the most basic bookmarklets you can imagine. 🙂

I had trouble putting it as a link in wordpress, so go to this link and copy-paste the code as a bookmark.

The script first checks if you have highlighted a word in the current page and, if there is, searches for that word. Otherwise, it shows a pop up where you can enter a word to search.

This searches the Urban Dictionary, but you can change it to search any site you want by simply replacing the URL. Some examples are:




Have fun!

I love you Serj Tankian!!!

Serj has released a trailer of his upcoming Goodbye – Gate 21video. By today morning, 877 people have liked the vid and 12 have disliked it. Here’s a comment found in the youtube video page:

-Mom, can i kill 12 people?

-Why, son?

-They don’t like the new music of Serj Tankian


Why the fuck would somebody dislike Serj’s music? Fuck you everyone who disliked the vid! Go and Like a Justin Bieber song, you freaking morons! Don’t even watch serj’s music! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!