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Facebook these days

Most people don’t seem to be aware of this, but the oil price hike isn’t the biggest problem we’re facing these days. It’s the Facebook crisis.
I randomly logged into Facebook today and swept through the timeline. Here are some stuff I came across.

A link someone shared discussing who should take the blame on the fisherman’s death.
A week-old 9gag photo. Sigh.
Some lame post by a certain ‘cricket samajaya’. The whole idea behind the post seem to be making people share it. 14 of my friends have blindly shared. Oh well.
A notification (?) that some idiot has liked an year-old photo.
Two not-so-interesting songs shared from YouTube.
A cartoon about the meaninglessness of democracy. Was kinda interesting so I put a Like on it.
A tweet, coz there are idiots who link their twitter with facebook. Not blaming everyone, but the ones whose each and every tweet is nothing but utter nonsense.
A photo blaming an innocent who happened to crack a joke on religion.
Two posts about the oil price hike. So many comments, but none of which seem to make a point.
Someone overjoyed about his graduation. Good for him. Here’s a Like from me.

Okay. Enough with the facebook crap. There’s this wonderful WordPress app for Android I’m writing this post with. It can do almost anything you do with the web app. No, wait, there’s no way to insert bullets. Not sure about adding photos either; let’s give a try.



It works! 😀 Hope the post doesn’t appear crap in the desktop.

Wishing others on birthdays in facebook

I usually don’t wish others on their birthdays in Facebook. Normally a birthday wish is meant to show that you’ve remembered his/her birthday because him/her is special to you. But in Facebook you get a notification on who have the birthdays each day. Which renders such a wish useless.
If you really want your wish to stand out, be the first person to wish. (Even being the last will do). This may not be an easy thing to do. Especially being the first to wish is the hardest. Or you can send him/her a private message as a wish instead of writing on his/her wall.

What have I written? Okay, I should publish this.

Facebook Questions – The good, the bad and the ugly

Bad facebook questions
What is the best school/university in this area?
In which month/year were you born?
Which country/province are you supporting for this certain sports event?

Good facebook questions
What is your favorite Metallica album?
What is the best animation movie ever?
What do you think is a violation of “human rights”, this or that?

Ugly facebook questions
What is your current favourite mobile phone platform?
Who is most trusted woman in you life?
What’s the best age to get married/do something?

New year photo tagging

I’m usually not easily annoyed at stuff, but others tagging me in new year wishes photos can really take me to the limit. And I know I’m not alone.
But how can you make another understand how annoying it is? If you’re not very careful explaining this can even lead to loss of friendship. Why? Because those who tag the stupid photos really think it’s some kind of ritual or pleasantry that has to be performed and they don’t want to think about it beyond that. When somebody explains how annoying the whole tagging thing is, all what the tagger hears is ‘blah blah’.
Not everyone can think in the same way. You can’t just make others think the way you like them to think. It’s simple as that.
So unless you want to risk the friendship, never try to explain one how annoying what he does is.