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Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space
The bubble around the asteroid marks its gravitational field

The eagerly awaited Angry Birds Space, the fourth Angry Birds game from Rovio, finally landed today on Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows. It had been announced since a few months ago, but I was a skeptical about how they would create a new experience that’s markedly different from the previous versions. In fact, all the three games they’ve released up to now had basically the same gameplay except for the new levels and all.

Danger Zone
First level of the Danger Zone

Half an hour with Space proved that my doubts were unfounded. It’s a totally different experience. The game takes place in outer space, which means it doesn’t have the earth’s boring gravity anymore. Things are worse. When you release the bird, it travels in a zero gravity space until it reaches the atmosphere of a planet or an asteroid and is forced into its own gravitational field. This can be more complex than it sounds. I still couldn’t get past the first level in the Danger Zone, which, according to Rovio, is the most difficult Angry Birds level pack ever.

Angry Birds Space and Galaxy Note

Angry birds space - Galaxy Note exclusive level
The exclusive level for Note

Samsung Galaxy Note is the official launch partner for Space. There’s a special level in the game featuring Lazer Bird exclusively for Galaxy Note owners and they get the Danger Zone pack is free for three months. But ironically, it’s clear that the game hasn’t been optimized for the Note’s screen. Most cut scenes and menus are obviously made for low resolution displays. Which is a shame coz of all the advertising Samsung did before the release. But still, the game play is pretty fun than playing on a smaller screen. I’m yet to try the game on a tablet.

Cruncher 2011

Although video games have become quite popular throughout the country, game development hasn’t come into mainstream in Sri Lanka. At least yet.

Cruncher 2011 aims to fill that gap by bringing in the creative and talented game programmers to light. Organized by the Young Members’ Section (YMS) of the Institute of Engineers of Sri Lanka (IESL), Cruncher 2011 is a game development competition that is open to all. The theme of the event is “Make Games, Make Global”, depicting its goal to pave way to the creative game developers to go global.

The competitors have the freedom to choose the type of game they want to develop, be it flash-based, non-flash 2D or 3D or storyboard. They can participate in the relevant subdivision: school, undergraduate or open. While the competitors will be awarded with attractive monetary prizes, they will also have the chance to participate in workshops with leading personalities from industry.

For more information, visit the competition’s website at http://cruncher.lk. Also join the Cruncher 2011 Facebook fan page to keep yourself updated.