Installing abandoned software

The software the programmers have stopped developing, what do you call them – abandonware? When you’re going to install this certain app and you get to know that its further development is halted, would you still install that software?

Today I wanted to install this clipboard manager for gnome called Parcellite and went to its website only to find out that the developer has lost interest in developing it further. It felt like eating some expired food. 😐

3 ways I use Instapaper

Instapaper is a popular service similar to Read-It-Later. We are constantly flooded with links to new information some of which we’ll need to save and make sure we read them later. The solution is to add the pages to Instapaper.

Here are 3 ways I use Instapaper:

  1. Instachrome Google Chrome extension – When you stumble upon an interesting article click the extension’s icon and click Read Later
  2. Instapaper bookmarklet for Google Reader – When you’re on an interesting feed in Google Reader, click on the bookmarklet and it’ll automagically send the link to Instapaper
  3. Add To Instapaper option in Gravity – In this Nokia twitter client, each link in your timeline gives an option to add the URL to Instapaper, which is super cool, since you don’t get to read the articles most of the time from the phone

Whenever you feel like going over the saved links, just head to

    New Twitter VIP release

    I had a chat with the Jack Dorsey of Twitter today and he said that the New Twitter that’s already out is only the public release and the VIP release would take some time.

    Those who have already got New Twitter won’t be able to enjoy the VIP one. Feeling sorry about them. Life’s unfair, mates.