Few years back I used to be a kid-hater. They are the most annoying species in this world, right? But not anymore.

It seems I’m becoming attracted to kids by the day. Not in a sexual way of course. But they are adorable and chubby little things! Awww, how sweet do they look! And the feeling you get when you touch their cheeks! Cuter than kittens, if you ask me.

They say you begin to adore kids when you become pregnant. I was worried, until a good friend of mine showed me that it’s an impossiblity because I’m a boy. Oh well. We have been subject to such injustice from the beginning, but boys don’t cry.

Anyway I don’t want a baby, at least yet. Just looking at them playing and laughing (and crying) is sufficient for the moment. I stare at the kids at our workplace (we have a day care center there for the employees) and I love to watch how they stare at me back. Sounds creepy? Bitch please! Show the kids your love!

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
Eda J. Le Shan

I'm a pickpocket

PickpocketingI’m a pickpocket. That’s my sole livelihood. Now don’t call me a criminal; picking pockets ain’t that bad.

For one, I believe that nothing in this world happens by chance. No good deed goes unrewarded. Likewise, no bad deed goes unpunished. That’s just the way things are. If your pocket was picked that means that you have done something that deserves it. You have done something bad. If it was me who picked that pocket I was just being an agent in punishing you; I wasn’t being evil. If I didn’t pick that pocket someone else would have taken my place.

Picking pockets isn’t much risky either. You just have to know the techniques. And the correct place and time. There are no books on the subject, you have to rely on experience. Furthermore, since pickpocketing doesn’t involve weapons the jail time is shorter. Well, that’s if you were careless enough to get caught.

I have to support a family and the only life skill I’ve learned is pickpocketing. That leaves me with no other option. Considering the ‘no bad deed goes unpunished’ theory and the fact that this not being much risky, it isn’t a bad business at all, now, is it?

Edit: Forgot to mention, I always send back the IDs in those pockets back to their owners, regardless of the amount of money they had in the wallet. Kudos to Sapumal for reminding me.

Matara – the wondrous city

MataraMatara. It’s the most beautiful city in Sri Lanka. If you disagree with me you haven’t been to Matara lately or haven’t travelled around the city much. If you still disagree I will put my hands in my ears and cry OH LA LA so that I won’t here you.
The southern railway is under renovation these days and will emerge as the best rail track in Sri Lanka after an year or so. And the southern highway to Matara has only months or perhaps weeks to be opened. Which means access to Colombo in less than one and half hours. How cool is that?
Matara will become one of the most sought after cities to live in in a few years. Too bad me and most of my friends won’t have that luxury coz of work. But at least we will be happy to know that Matara is just one hour or so away from Colombo.

Tweet embedding

Just wanted to test Twitter’s new tweet embedding feature, y’know.

Hmm. Not as good as I imagined. :/


It works! Madhawa pointed me to the short codes which enables embedding tweets in sites. Woot!

The way short codes work is explained here. Now even the previous code is working.