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I don't need an android

Nokia E63So I decided, I really don’t need an android. My symbian is able to provide me with almost all the stuff I would want from a phone. With it I can read books, listen to music and podcasts, scrobble to last.fm, set alarms, tweet, check email and browse the web occasionally, look up for definitions, take notes, and finally, call and text. At the moment there really is no other reason why I should look for a better phone. Why would I pay huge sums just to have several more apps and play Angry Birds? So, until the day I get a job and collect enough cash to buy an HTC Desire, my sweet little E63 will stay by my side.

Solving the music library not refreshing problem in Nokia E63

I recently bought this new Micro SD card for my Nokia E63 and added some dozens of songs into it. Unfortunately the in-built music library won’t recognize the new music. A message appears saying it’s refreshing the library but it doesn’t refresh even after hours.

Later found that this had to do with some compatibility problem in the IDs of the MP3s. After a lot of searching I stumbled upon this post, however the command in there did not work so came up with the following after a bit of modification.

Get the terminal and enter the following command: (Yes, you need a linux system like Ubuntu. Which sane person uses Windows these days?)

find /path/to/music/collection/ -name '*.mp3' -exec mid3v2 
--delete-frames=POPM '{}' ;

(The above command should be a single line)

Copy the  music files to the phone. Also delete the following two files which holds the details of the music library:

  • Private/101FFC31/mpxv1.mpd
  • Private/101ffca9/harvesterdb.dat

That’s it. When you start the music player it should automatically add the new music to the library without any problem. Currently I have more than 700 songs with no issue.

Swapping the memory card

Bought a new 4GB microSD card to replace the 1GB card that originally came with my phone (Nokia E63). I was scared at the thought of reinstalling everything in the new card from the beginning. However I copied everything in my old card to the new one (via my PC) just to check. And you know what! It worked! Each and every app and setting remains as they were in the old card!