Why we should stop Binku from coming to Sri Lanka

Binku is coming to Sri Lanka in a few days.
Who is this Binku? What does he want from us?
Please think over the following facts about him before you think of welcoming him to Sri Lanka.
  • Most of us haven’t actually met Binku in real life. We don’t know what kind of a crook he really is.
  • Binku is from Canada. Justin Bieber is from Canada.
  • Binku has posted 50,000+ tweets. Why would a normal person tweet that much?
  • Binku hasn’t publicly announced the exact reason he’s coming to Sri Lanka. No one comes to Sri Lanka without a reason.
  • Binku claims that his real name is Narada Thomas. A senior immigration officer confirmed that there are no records of a Narada Thomas leaving Sri Lanka.

Dear friends, none of us know the real intentions of Binku and why he’s coming to Sri Lanka. The only advice I can give you is hide your wife; hide your kids. If possible, leave Sri Lanka before he lands on this soil.