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n7player is on sale!

The home screen

Zoom with multi-touch to view albums

n7player is perhaps the most visually appealing music player for android. I’ve been using it since it was in the beta stages and have never looked back. Of course, I’ve used doubleTwist Player (which I still use as a backup), PowerAmp and Mixzing; but none could compete with the beauty of n7player.

Another feature I love about n7player is that it lets you choose what your music directories are. Most other players get crowded with mp3 files that are not in your music collection. Besides this and the stunning appearance, it’s got a graphic equalizer, bass boost, an album art downloader, sleep timer and several other features.

Recently added landscape view

Not that it’s perfect in every aspect. The lack of control the user has over the playlist will get apparent if you use it regularly. This is the biggest grievance you’d hear from a n7player user. Hope the devs would add better playlist management features soon and, mind you, this has never been a reason to ditch the player over others.

The free version of the app is only a 14 day trial. The full version unlocker usually costs $2.89, but it’s on a sale for $0.99 for a limited time. Believe me, you won’t repent even if you bought it for the full price.

Rebecca Black

So I thought of writing about Rebecca Black. Not a fan of hers, but I had nothing to write and Rebecca came to my mind and I thought why not? So here I am.

Rebecca BlackLike most of us, I got to know about Rebecca Black just after she released the Friday video in YouTube. Seven am I wake up in the morning, gotta be fresh gotta go down stairs, dun dun dun. No one disagrees that the lyrics are a bit um.. childish. But neither can one disagree with the fact that the song was more or less catchy. I played it two or three times in YouTube. Okay, I admit, it was more than half a dozen times. My subconscious even began humming the tune several times during the day.

Rebecca became an internet celebrity, and the video came to be the most disliked video on Youtube. People said that she was the worst thing happened to be on earth after Justin Beiber. Haters gonna hate. However, it was later announced that she was donating all the Friday’s proceedings to emergency relief efforts in Japan, making many mouths shut.

Rebecca then starred in Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (TGIF) music video. She didn’t of course sing in it, but she looked real elegant and charming, and the video was a hit.

In July she released her second song and video ‘My Moment‘. The lyrics were like a slap in the faces of the haters. “Were you the one who said that I would be nothing.. well, I’m about to prove you wrong”. Anyway the new track wasn’t as catchy as the first. The lyrics weren’t bad, but the song was far from good. It was received with mixed reviews from the fans.

In the end, I’m neither an RB hater nor a lover. Whatever people’s reactions are, she is here to stay everyone will have to live with it.

Playing MIDI files in Ubuntu

I was taken by surprise when I found out that I could not play MIDI audio in my Ubuntu box. Apparently it has to do with your sound card. But still..!

One of the simplest methods to play a midi file in Ubuntu is to install timidity. Yeah, lovely name that. 😀

sudo apt-get install timidity timidity-interfaces-extra

You can play a midi file directly from the command timidity followed by the file name. For example,

timidity awesometune.mid

Or, if you want a GUI, you can simply type

timidity -ig

and an old-fashioned window will pop up.

Happy listening! 😀

I love you Serj Tankian!!!

Serj has released a trailer of his upcoming Goodbye – Gate 21video. By today morning, 877 people have liked the vid and 12 have disliked it. Here’s a comment found in the youtube video page:

-Mom, can i kill 12 people?

-Why, son?

-They don’t like the new music of Serj Tankian


Why the fuck would somebody dislike Serj’s music? Fuck you everyone who disliked the vid! Go and Like a Justin Bieber song, you freaking morons! Don’t even watch serj’s music! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!

Last.fm scrobbling problems

Many users have experienced that their tracks aren’t properly scrobbled in last.fm during the past 24 hours. However, this seems to be a display issue, the tracks are actually being scrobbled. To see the real track list that’s been scrobbled, add “/tracks” to your user URL.

eg: http://www.last.fm/user/thameera/tracks

Hope the issue will be solved soon.

Solving the music library not refreshing problem in Nokia E63

I recently bought this new Micro SD card for my Nokia E63 and added some dozens of songs into it. Unfortunately the in-built music library won’t recognize the new music. A message appears saying it’s refreshing the library but it doesn’t refresh even after hours.

Later found that this had to do with some compatibility problem in the IDs of the MP3s. After a lot of searching I stumbled upon this post, however the command in there did not work so came up with the following after a bit of modification.

Get the terminal and enter the following command: (Yes, you need a linux system like Ubuntu. Which sane person uses Windows these days?)

find /path/to/music/collection/ -name '*.mp3' -exec mid3v2 
--delete-frames=POPM '{}' ;

(The above command should be a single line)

Copy the  music files to the phone. Also delete the following two files which holds the details of the music library:

  • Private/101FFC31/mpxv1.mpd
  • Private/101ffca9/harvesterdb.dat

That’s it. When you start the music player it should automatically add the new music to the library without any problem. Currently I have more than 700 songs with no issue.