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This blog just moved

This blog just moved from wordpress.com to its own host and domain. The new URL is http://blog.thameera.com. The new RSS feed URL is http://blog.thameera.com/feed.

But why?

I dunno. Having my own URL is nice, maybe. But mostly, I was getting tired of the unpredictable wordpress.com admin panel. It just won’t load and stuff won’t work, and things have gotten worse by the day.

Also, this means you get full control over everything. It’s possible to customize this inside out, which I haven’t done yet. The Jetpack plugin gives most of the niceties wordpress.com had, like site stats. So not losing much there.

This new theme is ugly

I know. Might mess with it soon and bring it into some level.

Why not Jekyll?

I considered Jekyll, but decided to stick with WordPress for the moment. You _can_ use Markdown in WordPress and compiling the whole thing after each and every update to the blog didn’t appeal. Also, have you noticed that 90% of the Jekyll blogs out there look pretty much the same?  I might still change my mind though.

Old links get broken?

Not really. The URLs of the old wordpress.com domain should redirect to the new site without a hitch. So all the link juice from Google will still come here. I’ve changed the permalink style by removing the date in the post URLs. This won’t affect incoming links as I’ve setup the Redirection plugin to deal with these. Not quite sure if email subscriptions get broken or not. Just resubscribe with the new box in the sidebar.

But still, you should subscribe to the new feed and ditch the old one. The redirections might not work indefinitely. (If you’re using an intelligent RSS reader like Newsblur, chances are it has done this already for you.)

 Why all these subheadings?

Heh. Just felt like. 🙂