I love you Serj Tankian!!!

Serj has released a trailer of his upcoming Goodbye – Gate 21video. By today morning, 877 people have liked the vid and 12 have disliked it. Here’s a comment found in the youtube video page:

-Mom, can i kill 12 people?

-Why, son?

-They don’t like the new music of Serj Tankian


Why the fuck would somebody dislike Serj’s music? Fuck you everyone who disliked the vid! Go and Like a Justin Bieber song, you freaking morons! Don’t even watch serj’s music! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!

12 responses on “I love you Serj Tankian!!!

  1. Angel

    can i help you kill them? these maggots are serious Lady Googoo and Justin Beaver lovers! they make me crazy and MUST DIE NAO!!!!!!!!!!!! O______________O

  2. Angel

    OMG someone just called serj a terrorist!!!!!!!!!!! i told them to “SHUUUUUT UUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!” and clubbed them with a blunt object! how to hide the body parts? O______O

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