I'm a pickpocket

PickpocketingI’m a pickpocket. That’s my sole livelihood. Now don’t call me a criminal; picking pockets ain’t that bad.

For one, I believe that nothing in this world happens by chance. No good deed goes unrewarded. Likewise, no bad deed goes unpunished. That’s just the way things are. If your pocket was picked that means that you have done something that deserves it. You have done something bad. If it was me who picked that pocket I was just being an agent in punishing you; I wasn’t being evil. If I didn’t pick that pocket someone else would have taken my place.

Picking pockets isn’t much risky either. You just have to know the techniques. And the correct place and time. There are no books on the subject, you have to rely on experience. Furthermore, since pickpocketing doesn’t involve weapons the jail time is shorter. Well, that’s if you were careless enough to get caught.

I have to support a family and the only life skill I’ve learned is pickpocketing. That leaves me with no other option. Considering the ‘no bad deed goes unpunished’ theory and the fact that this not being much risky, it isn’t a bad business at all, now, is it?

Edit: Forgot to mention, I always send back the IDs in those pockets back to their owners, regardless of the amount of money they had in the wallet. Kudos to Sapumal for reminding me.

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