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I’ve always been a Chrome fan, but switched to Firefox three days ago. The reason is that Chrome does not have an image blocking extension yet.

Yes, I’m browsing the web with images and Flash turned off these days. It’s a minimal browsing experience. It cuts the crap and lets you see only what’s important. It gets better when you make use of the Readability extension. The pages load much faster and the dear bandwidth is saved. And if you want to turn on the images for a certain site, the toggle button is only a single click away.

99% of the sites can be viewed without images with no problem. Even Facebook, unless you want to see the occasional photo that someone tags you in.

And talking about Firefox, I’m getting used to it. It’s slow and rickety like an old CTB bus, but then, I love old CTB buses.

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  1. budhajeewa

    I thought even though you “block” images, they are downloaded to your computer. :/

    PS: It is “SLTB”, not “CTB”. The King took a decision to rename government organizations that had names with “Ceylon” to “Sri Lanka”. Besides, CTB became SLTB two or three years ago.

    1. Richardhg

      You can use Chrome to block images, and they are not downloaded.

      Click on the little spanner at the top right corner of the screen, and select “Options”. Then, select “Under the hood”. On the first line next to “Privacy”, select “Content Settings”.

      Your will see the heading “Images”, and you can block the downloading of images there.

  2. Nisansa

    I have a question. If FF is slow and this image hiding tingy makes it faster. You are back where you started aren’t you? It will be sensational when it comes for Chrome. True.

  3. Madhawa

    I don’t have a bandwidth problem (FUP, limited data bundle or time period) in PC. But I’ve used this method to save credits in mobile web browsing earlier.

    Anyway, do you like old ladies too? They are like CTB/SLTB buses, no? 😛

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