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Chrome is odd in Ubuntu

Starting from Lucid Lynx, the control buttons are placed at the left side of the title bar in Ubuntu. This is quite cool. Once you get used to it, it seems more intuitive than having them on the right side.

But unfortunately one single app still has its buttons in right side, and that’s Google Chrome. Wish they’d let the users choose where to place the buttons.

To move to Peppermint Ice or not to

Well, I almost installed Peppermint Os One in my machine only to find so many problems, not recognizing my USB modem only one of them. Now that they’ve released PeppermintOS Ice, which has Chromium as its default browser, I’m thinking again.

Well, modem problem could be solved somehow or other, but then when I was going through the PeppermintOS forums I saw that people were having problems configuring iBus too. iBus of course is a necessity to write and view Sinhala.

So, still I’m more likely not to trash Ubuntu for PeppermintOS Ice.