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I needed a dictionary (an offline one, of course) for my mobile phone (Nokia E63). First I tried several Java dictionaries but they were quite basic ones. Then found this cool dictionary viewer called MS Dict Viewer. Can’t remember from where exactly I installed it, but it can be downloaded from its official site, I think.

After installing the MSDict Viewer you can download many dictionaries with it. There is great selection, including Oxford, Collins and Cambridge dictionaries. Dictionaries thus downloaded are valid only for a 7 day period. You need to enter a serial key to register them from. This rar file has 5 keygens bundled for various dictionaries. They’re EXE files, and I executed them in a Windows XP virtual box. Once you select the dictionary and enter phone’s IMEI number, it shows the serial key. Works like magic!

However it’s possible that the keygen include malware so better to run them in a virtual machine even if your OS is Windows.

P.S. Uploaded the keygens to mediafire, just in case: http://www.mediafire.com/?z0mz16689grh5gh

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