Higher education abroad?

No, thanks. If I had any idea of doing an MSc or a PhD after this degree, it’s gone now. All that’s on my mind now is to finish the degree ASAP and to get into some employment.

That being said, I know that there are many Sri Lankan undergrads who’d love to have their higher education abroad at a reputed college or university. The main barrier for these students is the lack of information and contacts to pursue those goals. Applying to a foreign university is a process totally different from and more difficult than applying to a local one.

But thanks to a team of Sri Lankan graduate students who are now pursuing their higher education abroad, that barrier has been made negligible. SL2College, the programme they’ve launched, aims at “bridging the gap in higher education” for those Sri Lankan undergraduates interested in studying further.

Yoshani, a core member of the SL2College programme, says,

SL2College is a global Sri Lankan network of mostly graduate students who volunteer to help Sri Lankan students reach their higher education goals. We providing information about opportunities available locally and in universities overseas. There are various activities at SL2College such as mentoring students, having skype sessions to talk to students directly, educational exhibitions, research collaborations, etc. At SL2College we believe that every student has the potential to succeed and we are determined to help them out!

Further information can be found here and in their website. If you have any colleagues or friends willing to pursue higher education, please pass the message.

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