Losing at chess

I’ve always been a chess enthusiastic. But the problem was that I had no one to play with and I hate to have to play with computer. Then @e4c5 told me about chess.com where you get to play with real people. Was playing there for about two years and used to have a 1600+ rating. And then I stopped playing.
Now I’ve started playing again. And know what my rating is? 1300-1400. I sometimes lose to players with <1300 rating. Wanted to bang my head against the wall. But no.
I decided that I will be hereafter playing just for fun and not for the rating. That’s a good excuse. I don’t feel bad at losing the games anymore. Which is all that matters.
(PS. If you’re not in chess.com yet you should definitely join. It has a huge community and a lot of learning resources.)

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  1. suffernchessclub

    It’s important to play for enjoyment first and rating second. However, if you want to evaluate how much you have learned, you might want to join the US Chess Federation and play in some local tournaments.

    One great way to learn is to join a site like the Internet Chess Club, or buy training software such as Fritz. Reading books on openings, middle games and endgames also helps.

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