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So I thought of writing about Rebecca Black. Not a fan of hers, but I had nothing to write and Rebecca came to my mind and I thought why not? So here I am.

Rebecca BlackLike most of us, I got to know about Rebecca Black just after she released the Friday video in YouTube. Seven am I wake up in the morning, gotta be fresh gotta go down stairs, dun dun dun. No one disagrees that the lyrics are a bit um.. childish. But neither can one disagree with the fact that the song was more or less catchy. I played it two or three times in YouTube. Okay, I admit, it was more than half a dozen times. My subconscious even began humming the tune several times during the day.

Rebecca became an internet celebrity, and the video came to be the most disliked video on Youtube. People said that she was the worst thing happened to be on earth after Justin Beiber. Haters gonna hate. However, it was later announced that she was donating all the Friday’s proceedings to emergency relief efforts in Japan, making many mouths shut.

Rebecca then starred in Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (TGIF) music video. She didn’t of course sing in it, but she looked real elegant and charming, and the video was a hit.

In July she released her second song and video ‘My Moment‘. The lyrics were like a slap in the faces of the haters. “Were you the one who said that I would be nothing.. well, I’m about to prove you wrong”. Anyway the new track wasn’t as catchy as the first. The lyrics weren’t bad, but the song was far from good. It was received with mixed reviews from the fans.

In the end, I’m neither an RB hater nor a lover. Whatever people’s reactions are, she is here to stay everyone will have to live with it.

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