Syncing files with Unison in Ubuntu

I have this music collection in my local hard drive which I wanted to sync with a folder in my portable HDD. What I wanted was to sync any changes done in any of them to the other with just one click. And came across Unison.

It’s available in the repositories and once installed all you have to do is to give the two folders for it to start syncing. However it seemed that most of my folders won’t sync. An error appears saying “Failed to set permissions blah blah”

Then came up with a simple solution in the Ubuntu forums. All you have to do is to add an entry called ‘perms=0’ in the Unison’s profile preferences file. It’ll bypass the frustrating permissions. This file can be found under ~/.unison directory. For my case it was ~/.unison/default. prf

Simply open up that file, enter a new line saying “perms=0” (w/o quotes) and save the file.  Works like magic 🙂

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