I don't need an android

Nokia E63So I decided, I really don’t need an android. My symbian is able to provide me with almost all the stuff I would want from a phone. With it I can read books, listen to music and podcasts, scrobble to last.fm, set alarms, tweet, check email and browse the web occasionally, look up for definitions, take notes, and finally, call and text. At the moment there really is no other reason why I should look for a better phone. Why would I pay huge sums just to have several more apps and play Angry Birds? So, until the day I get a job and collect enough cash to buy an HTC Desire, my sweet little E63 will stay by my side.

2 responses on “I don't need an android

  1. Eargazzm

    “…And finally call & text”
    lol, what has the mobile phone come to? Who knows someday some manufacturer might make a phone that has all the funky options you need except the ability to place a call.

    Just imagine going home and finding out that phone calls cannot be made xD

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