The Linux App Store

I’ve always been charmed by the ease with which you can install an app in linux. I open the Ubuntu Software Centre (my system being Ubuntu) and enter a search term for the kind of app i’m looking for and click install. It’s similar to installing an app from the Apple App Store. And there’s an app for everything, too!

Some bed time reading in case you aren’t convinced: Washing the windows myths. Program installation.

2 responses on “The Linux App Store

  1. MAD

    i’m a blessed linuxaholic now.. however the myth-busting blogger don’t try to mount an image (aka virtual drive on windows) to play the game.

    ass-u-me that some random software suck in windows. i used to download trial versions, and crack/ patch or at least find a valid key illegally. but in ubuntu, all i needed was a cup of tea for passing time. all programs i browsed and marked to install were completed when i unlock the screen.

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