Wiping out your race?

racismThere are blogs. Then there are racist blogs. I happened to see one of the latter today.
The blog warns us that there’s a master plan by the international community to wipe out our race and goes on to explain how the plan is being carried out presently. Apparently that’s supposed to be a long term plan and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest the authenticity of its claims. Pretty convincing, I would say. The message the writer is trying to give is clear. Open your eyes. Your race is doomed. Join and fight for survival.

What the fuck! Why would one be worried about his race being swept out? What good would it do if your race survives? Will the others feel alone without you? (They of course won’t coz it’s the others that are planning your demise.)
When a race is wiped away from the face of the earth, its culture and traditions would be gone as well. But what good would it do if they continued to exist?
None. Zilt. Nothing. Even the humanity would die away one day. The earth as we know wouldn’t be there forever. Some things may die quickly and others may stay a while.
I know that by now the reader may have taken me as a weirdo or a lunatic trying to make crazy remarks to get heard or something, but I don’t care. This is what I feel.
I love my race. But that’s only one side of the story.

6 responses on “Wiping out your race?

  1. budhajeewa

    To be honest, I didn’t think you are “a weirdo or a lunatic trying to make crazy remarks to get heard or something” after reading this. I knew it even before! 😛

    Anyway, agree with ya man!

  2. පිටස්තරයා

    In a historical sense the cultural and other aspects related to race should be preserved, but they should not be used to inhibit the growth of one. What these people can’t understand is that the Earth is round not flat and every point is connected to each other. Nothing is in isolation.

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