World's end

Just finished reading Daya Dissanayake’s article on today’s Daily News titled Lessons from the Drowned World, where he goes to explain how the natural and man-made disasters mentioned in the literature could actually come true and put an end to this world.

The ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis has paved way to rethink the safety of the modern technology man is using to conquer the world. But should we really be scared? What if some sudden accident happens and the humanity along with other species is wiped out from the face of the earth?

There is no reason to shudder at such a thought. If everything is wiped away, so will the sorrows and regrets we struggle to suppress. Why should we continue to live if all we care for and live for get swept out?

We know nothing about life beyond earth, but that should not scare anybody. We will be going into oblivion, but so will our families and loved ones. Nothing left to worry. All problems closed.

Well, I’m not wishing for such an extermination to happen, all I do is underlining that we shouldn’t be so frightened of a possible end to the world. Let the technology go on its way without hesitation.

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