Chrome extensions you MUST have

I’m angry today. Very. And I will be writing about must-have Chrome extensions. Keyword: must-have. If you think they aren’t must-have, fucking leave already! Sorry, I won’t use swear words again.

1. AdBlock
It’s the first must-have. Why not? How the hell is one supposed to browse the web with all the colorful ads? You have to concentrate on the content, not the ads.

2. Evernote Clipper
When you find something interesting in a web page what do you do? Clip it to Evernote of course. You don’t use Evernote? Go fuck yourself. Sorry.

3. LastPass
What can you do without lastpass? Type in the usernames and passwords everytime manually? You browser saves them? That’s only temporary. You HAVE to use lastpass.

4. Mail Checker Plus for Gmail
How else would you get a notification when a mail comes? You don’t use Gmail? Dumb idiot!

5. RSS Subscription Extension
Without this how would you subscribe to blogs? How would you find the RSS links of a web site? This is an official Google extension, so you better install it now. Now.

6. Singreesi
It was developed by me. So all of you MUST install it. No excuses, please.

7. Wikipedia Companion
Everytime you want to check up a word, a name, or something what do you do? Open a wikipedia tab and do search. Stupid numbskull. Go install the Wikipedia Companion. It’s the super easy way to browse wikipedia.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m going to kill someone and get rid of this anger. Kthxbai.

11 responses on “Chrome extensions you MUST have

    1. thameera

      You don’t need extensions for Google Tasks and Calendar. Cricinfo extension is a headache unless you’re a diehard cricket fan. The new youtube layout makes Turn Off Lights useless.

  1. Madhawa

    I agree that “Turn Off The Lights” is now useless. But “Google Taks” and “Google Calendar Checker” are very useful tools. For example:


    I can see if there’s an upcoming event (which I’ll definitely forget without Google Calendar). So I’d have either “Google Calendar” or “Google Calendar Checker” extension.

    “Google Tasks” is very handy because I use Evernote only for larger notes. For something like “do the assignment next week” Evernote won’t work. There’s a gap between notes and tasks.

    Also, there’s a new extension called Google Related. Try it out at šŸ™‚

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