Theists are stupid people

But Marge, what if we chose the wrong religion? Each week we just make God madder and madder.

– Homer Simpson

Theists are stupid. There’s no doubt about that. It would be okay if a 5-year-old child believed that there’s a superman up in the skies watching our every move and listening to our prayers. But if a grown up believes that, there’s something definitely wrong in him.
One thing many theists fail to understand is that no one’s sure who exactly the real god is. From Allah to Zeus there are thousands of gods being worshipped and everyone thinks that he or she is worshipping the right god. If you tell this to any of these theists, he’ll start coming up with the several pathetic arguments used to ‘prove’ there is in fact a god. Arguing over such a thing is a waste of time indeed, for such arguments have happened since thousands of years and nobody has won. It would only lead to broken egos, so let’s not argue again.
If you really think there is a god, okay, there is one. Go on with your prayers. Peace.

14 responses on “Theists are stupid people

  1. chamilad

    Power of prayer they say…. and use hospitals only as a precaution. Nothing beyond that. 😀

    And to the above comment, an atheist does not believe there is a single,omnipotent creator up there controlling the aspects of every person’s life (dictionary definition). Faith does not replace reason for an atheist (in a general sense).

  2. chathuraw

    Let’s see here. First you called theists stupid. Then you realized arguing over this is a waste of time. Finally you said it was okay to believe whatever anyone wants.

    Heh. Personal growth. Inside such a small blog post. 😛

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