Life with the Dell Mini

So my HP Pavilion finally died after 3 1/2 years of faithful service. The VGA was gone, which means the motherboard will have to be replaced. The display was having some issues too.

Enter the Dell Inspiron Mini. The small whiz.

Why a netbook? Cost factor and ease of transport. The machine cost Rs 40k after upgrading to a 2GB RAM.

The battery life is pretty good. Can stay up to 4 hours connected to the internet.

The main issue of a netbook is the small screen. The maximum possible resolution is 1024×600, which is very low indeed. You may come across a software now and then which would tenaciously ask for higher resolutions. But can live with that.

The speed is considerably low too. The processor’s a standard Intel Atom 1.67GHz chip. One has to learn to live with that.

The system came pre-installed with a Windows Starter and I’m fine with it so far. Installed Ubuntu too, but I’m looking forward to installing a lighter variant. Crunchbang perhaps. I don’t know.

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