Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Movies. Something I’ve never been able to get into. Perhaps the last time I watched one from start to finish was about six months back. It’s just that I can’t sit watching one for one and half hours without getting bored. It isn’t like reading books. In fact, I haven’t watched more than 10 movies in a theatre in this lifetime. Pathetic, I know.

But then there are those few movies I’m crazy about. The first one I loved as a child was Ben Hur. At uni we got access to an infinite collection of movies. Million Dollar Baby, Pulp Fiction and the Saw series; a few I liked the most.

Then there is Little Miss Sunshine. I watched it from start to finish more than half-a-dozen times. You never get bored; at least I don’t. Today I stumbled upon a random blogger profile which had Little Miss Sunshine as a fav movie. Which made me click on the link to find who else have it as their favorites. Apparently there are more than a hundred thousand, and more than 90% of them are girls. But it’s definitely not a girls’ movie. It’s about this little girl whose only dream is to win at a beauty queen contest, this boy who has taken a vow of silence and wants to become a pilot, a drug addict grandfather, an uncle who just committed an unsuccessful suicide attempt, a father with an unsuccessful career as a motivational speaker and a mother dealing with all these problems. And it has 7.9 stars in IMDB; 7.9 isn’t petty, right?

If you haven’t watched Little Miss Sunshine you should definitely give a try. Even though there’s a big chance that you may not like it. It’s not an action thriller or whatever after all. Just a drama, but a different one. Not a love story. No sex, except for the exchange of some profanity. I know, it doesn’t sound interesting at all. Have never heard a friend mention the name of the film. But still…

The IMDB page has some trailers of the movie if you’re interested.

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