Louie gives me hope

Louie is a good show. It’s the kind of show I’ve always wanted to watch. Not many shows interest me. TBBT was good for its humor, Two and a Half Men was equally good and Spartacus is good with all its blood. For the record, I’m not watching Spartacus for its sex. Of course you don’t believe.


I wasn’t aware of Louie till @mdsoysa mentioned it on Twitter about a week back. Almost finished the first season and it’s hooked me up. For one, the episodes are just 20-25 minutes long, which is the right length for a TV episode. The black humor, when done right, is tempting, as in the case with Louie. But the best thing about Louie is, well, Louie. He’s the kind of washed up guy, single father, doesn’t really have much hope, but despite all of this, he’s cool and not complaining. He’s like myself, but done right. I ain’t no single father, but you get the idea. Even the opening credits scene cheers me up. And the music isn’t half bad.

I’ve decided to do stuff that cheers me up. Like watching Louie. And coding. Get immersed in a sea of Python or Javascript and watch your worries get washed away! I like my job; it may not be exactly what I want to be doing, but it’s hell of a lot better than what most people do for jobs out there. I don’t think Louie loves his job anyway. He’s a comedian. Comedians comede because they have to make a living. Not exactly the reason I code.

Being away from places like Facebook lessens your chances of depression. Even Twitter can be depressing at times. It used to be fun and lively some time back. Nothing is what they used to be anymore. I even registered at app.net looking for solace, but that ain’t the place.

Just sitting in your room with a lot of tic tac and a mug of Coke can cheer you up. Do you know what’s cool about tic tac and Coke? There’s this tiny little chance that you might die when you stuff yourself with a handful of tic tacs and a big gulp of Coke. That shit explodes when mixed right. Death by tic tac! Awesome!

Not sure if there’s anything that makes any sense in this post. Just ignore for good. It’s just that I like Louie coz it cheers me up.

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