Moving back to Google Reader

I was having a bad time with Google Reader and moved to Good Noows as I mentioned previously. Good Noows is really good except for it being exceptionally slow. I tried to bear it like a husband with a mentally ill wife, but I have my limits.

So from now on I’m moving to Google Reader. Too bad Good Noows was not quite happy with the idea of a divorce. It doesn’t allow exporting feeds, so had to manually add many feeds to Reader.

But being the self-centred boy I am, I didn’t like to go to Google Reader’s feet and apologize. Instead I made Google Reader a different person by applying the Helvetica Reader theme, renamed all folders as I had them in Good Noows and hid the Unread Posts counts which were giving me headache.

So that’s it. I’m now trying to come to good terms with my previous wife.

7 responses on “Moving back to Google Reader

  1. budhajeewa

    I tried to bear it like a husband with a mentally ill wife

    Hahaha… that experience will be *very* useful, as every women are mentally ill! πŸ˜›

    Anyway, welcome back to the best RSS reader! πŸ™‚

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