– a budding Sri Lankan startup is a promising Sri Lankan startup which aims to create a platform that lets you find places around you easily. What? Another one of those? Well, yes. In fact, Sri Lanka is yet to get a proper location-based service that lets you find places and businesses nearby. focuses on filling that gap.

A service of this nature should ideally be dead simple, available on mobile platforms and should have a vast database of information. One of the key features of is striving to be as simple as possible. The layout is unintrusive and plain. It will soon be getting official apps for Android, iOS and possibly other smartphone platforms as well. These apps will include offline functionality, something most apps of similar nature lack. However the project is still in a beta stage, so the database of locations is still growing. Businesses can list with by sending an email to or calling them on +94 112 873 874, after which a team member would visit the location to verify and record the information.

The dead simple and intuitive home page
Provides you with information, shortest path, pictures, reviews of the place (click to enlarge)

Something that should be specifically mentioned is that uses its own proprietary algorithms and technology to deliver its results. The site isn’t just another database frontend that lets you search its tables. The developers are focused on improving the search algorithms for better search results. And its interface sans promotions or other clutter loads super fast.

If you own a business, it will be a good idea to list yourself at as soon as possible. Also, they’re looking for web developers and marketing executives interested in working at a startup. So if you’re interested drop them a mail at More info here:

Full disclosure: the dev is actually a friend of mine.

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