Wrong train

I got into the train to go gampaha from the Kelaniya station. During the whole journey I was on a call with my sis, suddenly when the train stopped in Peralanda station.

Wait!! Peralanda?

Why hadn’t I passed that station before? It was only after some calculations involving advanced calculus that I finally understood I was in the wrong train.

It was a long walk from Peralanda to Ragama =/

4 responses on “Wrong train

  1. MAD

    Think positive+

    1. Check-in Peralanda and Ragama in Foursquare.
    2. You could make another call to sister while hiking. Later, again call her again after getting in to the correct train.
    3. You have something to blog now.

    P.S. Btw you won’t think positive from now on.. I’m eating ‘Rambutan’ 😉

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