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Tweet embedding

Just wanted to test Twitter’s new tweet embedding feature, y’know.

Hmm. Not as good as I imagined. :/


It works! Madhawa pointed me to the short codes which enables embedding tweets in sites. Woot!

The way short codes work is explained here. Now even the previous code is working.

Why we should stop Binku from coming to Sri Lanka

Binku is coming to Sri Lanka in a few days.
Who is this Binku? What does he want from us?
Please think over the following facts about him before you think of welcoming him to Sri Lanka.
  • Most of us haven’t actually met Binku in real life. We don’t know what kind of a crook he really is.
  • Binku is from Canada. Justin Bieber is from Canada.
  • Binku has posted 50,000+ tweets. Why would a normal person tweet that much?
  • Binku hasn’t publicly announced the exact reason he’s coming to Sri Lanka. No one comes to Sri Lanka without a reason.
  • Binku claims that his real name is Narada Thomas. A senior immigration officer confirmed that there are no records of a Narada Thomas leaving Sri Lanka.

Dear friends, none of us know the real intentions of Binku and why he’s coming to Sri Lanka. The only advice I can give you is hide your wife; hide your kids. If possible, leave Sri Lanka before he lands on this soil.

Downloading the CRX of a Chrome extension

There was this certain extension whose popup was too high for my screen. To fix the issue I needed to download the CRX file of the extension. But with the new Chrome Web Store layout there isn’t a way to do that as you did earlier.

But then Pahan came up with a solution. The trick was to make use of the Chrome’s Developer tools pane. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the extension’s page in the Web Store.
  2. Open Developer Tools (wrench icon -> Tools -> Developer Tools)
  3. Click on its Network tab.
  4. Now click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button in the extension’s page. (If you’ve already installed it you have to uninstall and try again)
  5. The Dev Tools pane will show several files. Find the one with a .crx extension among them.
  6. Right click on it and choose Copy Location.
  7. Now go to Firefox (or any other browser) and open the link. You’ll be prompted to save the file.
Know an easier method? Let me know in the comments.

Who is the rep?

So there was this boy (let’s call him Saman) who was once a rep (representative) of a certain group in the uni. His English was not quite polished though, as this was only his first year at the uni. Only a small number of undergraduates boast of a good command of English during the first days of the uni. As the story goes, this Saman was once approached by a lecturer during a new year festival.

Lecturer: Who is the rep?
Saman: I is the rep.
Lecturer: Ah, you are the rep?
Saman: Yes, I are the rep.

What are the technologies behind this site?

Builtwith extensionWhen you come across a nicely built website, don’t you always wonder what technologies the site is built with. Perhaps a sneak peek at the page source can give you some idea.

But there’s an easier method. There’s this nifty little Chrome extension called BuiltWith (available for Firefox as well). When you’re in a webpage simply click the BuiltWith icon and it pops up with the list of technologies the page is built with and a small description of each of them. The image shows a part of the list is built with. Yes, it works on https sites as well.

This may not be much of a thing for some people, but if you’re a noob about these things like me you’ll be able to learn a lot of web-tech stuff with this.

Losing at chess

I’ve always been a chess enthusiastic. But the problem was that I had no one to play with and I hate to have to play with computer. Then @e4c5 told me about where you get to play with real people. Was playing there for about two years and used to have a 1600+ rating. And then I stopped playing.
Now I’ve started playing again. And know what my rating is? 1300-1400. I sometimes lose to players with <1300 rating. Wanted to bang my head against the wall. But no.
I decided that I will be hereafter playing just for fun and not for the rating. That’s a good excuse. I don’t feel bad at losing the games anymore. Which is all that matters.
(PS. If you’re not in yet you should definitely join. It has a huge community and a lot of learning resources.)

Some cheap earphones

Here is a summary of the earphones I’ve purchased recently from eBay. All of them are relatively cheap in price ($10 to $20) and have good sound quality.

1. Sony MDR-ED12LP

 Good sound quality. Superb bass.

Price: about $10.



2. Creative EP-830

Good sound quality.

Price: $6 – $10



3. Skullcandy Ink’d

Good highs and mids. Good sound isolation.

Price: less than $20




4. Sony MDR EX-082

Good sound quality.

Price: about $10



Don’t go for earphones that are priced for less than $5. A reasonable buyer won’t spend hundreds of dollars on earphones either.

Wishing others on birthdays in facebook

I usually don’t wish others on their birthdays in Facebook. Normally a birthday wish is meant to show that you’ve remembered his/her birthday because him/her is special to you. But in Facebook you get a notification on who have the birthdays each day. Which renders such a wish useless.
If you really want your wish to stand out, be the first person to wish. (Even being the last will do). This may not be an easy thing to do. Especially being the first to wish is the hardest. Or you can send him/her a private message as a wish instead of writing on his/her wall.

What have I written? Okay, I should publish this.

Tabs in Vim

tabs in vimSince its 7th version, Vim has tabs functionality. You can open multiple files in tabs and do lots of wonderful things with them. To open multiple files from the console, just type:

vim -p filename1 filename2 …

Or if you’re already inside Vim, give the command,

:tabnew filename

to open a file in a new tab. You can traverse the tabs with the combinations gt and gT. To close a tab just use the exit command (:q).

There is a wide range of cool stuff you can do with tabs. To learn more, just type

:help tabs

in Vim or head to this page.

See you, bye!