Getting rid of distracting thoughts

We’re always distracted by our own thoughts.

Suppose you’re reading a book. Suddenly you might want to check the twitter stream. Or you might want to check out Wikipedia for a singer you love. Then you’ll notice that you’ve received some emails and want to reply them, or, worse, follow the links in them. This line of distractions is endless.

One of the simplest methods to avoid distractions is to write them down. When you’re doing something, have a small text editor opened in the background. Write in all the thoughts that come to you in it. This will prevent these thoughts from staying in your mind and getting stronger so that you’ll no more be able to resist.

Here’s an example text I wrote today while reading a book:

check today’s quotables
wikinews new messages?
check wiki abt trip hop
that fb app
the last of the mohicans
fix the bicycle wheel
zombie 😀
google reader greader

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